• Finished another scene in the short story tonight which puts me at the halfway mark. I have to remind myself not to compare my progress to others.

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  • Whoa. I wrote a little over two pages on the short story today during my lunch break. Felt really good. Getting close to the midway point of the story.

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  • I made myself an adult-sized Lunchable for work today and it’s making me laugh. It’s the little things in life.

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  • It’s become a morning ritual, spider web aside, to say good morning to Venus before driving to work in the dark. She’s just so bright in the sky it’s hard not to notice her. Is that weird?

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  • Knocked out another page and a half on the short story tonight. I could have probably written more but the bed is calling my name.

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  • It would seem the morning darkness and cool temperatures aren’t the only thing that’s returned. They’ve been accompanied by spider webs at the front door every morning, webs I keep walking face first into. You know I had to write a poem about that.

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  • I can only listen to the ad for the Baron of Botox podcast on iHeartRadio so many times before I lose my mind and delete their app. Seriously, I’m switching back to Music Choice.

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  • After work today, I decided to rewrite the scene I’ve been struggling with. That seemed to do the trick. Words are flowing again.

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  • No writing today. My Sunday was spent migrating the website to a new host and getting all the bugs worked out. Got to love technology.

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  • Why on earth is this scene so hard to write? I’m making progress but it’s super slow for some reason.

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Ryan’s Notebook

Ryan’s Notebook noun.
/ˈrī-əns nəʊtbʊk/

  1. a small book of paper that Ryan takes everywhere
  2. a tablet computer that Ryan that uses for writing
  3. a personal website where Ryan shares his thoughts and tracks his progress