Ryan Lee KingGrowing up, Ryan knew he wanted to be either a LEGO master builder or an English teacher (like Robin Williams in Dead Poets Society). Due to silly little things like money, he opted to do something completely different. Ryan now works for a major telecommunications company as a product marketing manager and moonlights an author of speculative fiction (mostly fantasy) and quirky poetry that’s from the heart.

Though a native of North Carolina, having lived along its coastline and its majestic mountain peaks, Ryan now lives in the urban jungles of Atlanta with his southern belle of a wife, his trombone playing son and their catnip-crazy keyboard warmer cat. He’s a member of the Atlanta Writers Club and enjoys attending writing conferences, sci-fi conventions, and renaissance festivals. Huzzah!

When Ryan isn’t writing or hanging out at Starbucks (yes, he’s that guy!), he’s arms deep in LEGO bricks, reading books from his never-ending TBR list, and drinking abnormal amounts of tea (hot and cold). He’s also been known to conduct invisible orchestras while listening to music, wield lightsabers when the lights go out and perhaps spend far too much time at the beach (if there’s really such a thing as too much time).

Ryan Lee King

Husband. Father. LEGO enthusiast. Tea drinker. Poet & Author.

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