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Computers (Poem)


Technology- friend or foe?
Today a friend, tomorrow a woe!
This, the real love-hate relationship.
Into my computer, I’d love to empty a clip!
But the computer is supposed to be our friend!
I wish the frustration would end,
Some days I love my computer,
Some days I just want to shoot her,
What a relationship I have with it,
Some days I wish I could quit,
But it’s my computer and my friend,
I guess the rules I can bend,
Before I throw you into the trees,
Work for me, please!

A Wolf (Poem)

A Wolf

I am the shadow of the night,
In my eyes are instinct and hungry light,
My fur is tattered, worn, and gray,
The hunt fills my soul night and day,
My mood sharper than my teeth at bare,
To avoid wound, I will find every trap and snare,
I am the creative soul and go for what I hunger,
If I must, I will go far, pillage and plunder,
My fear is that of a human, yet I attack the same,
If incident arise, I will not be at blame,
Inside of me, the hunger is life untold,
I’ll get it, even if I must be vicious, savage, or bold,
I am a wolf, in spirit and in heart,
We are the same, just a different part.

24 Hours (Poem)

24 Hours

24 hours go so quick,
It’s gone in a tick!

24 hours goes by so fast,
Before I knew it- it’s the past!

24 hours goes in a flash,
Like it’s the 100-meter dash!

24 hours is such a short period,
Why it’s the opposite of a myriad!

24 hours goes in the blink of an eye,
Before I knew it- it said goodbye!

24 hours is way too fleeting,
It’s gone before our meeting!

24 hours- is there really need?
Why on earth this crazy speed?

Communication (Poem)


How can we be so connected yet alone?
There’s the Internet, e-mail, text, and phone,
They’re accessible on every kind of display,
All of which is on every moment of the day,

How did one to one communication lose its luster?
It’s mostly now a social networking cluster,
The more instant we get the further we’re apart,
There’s no longer time to express the heart,

How can we get back to where we were?
Where we can have a real one to one transfer,
We’ve lost that personal communication style,
Did society not think that method was worthwhile?

A Return (Poem)

A Return

A return to the kingdoms of old,
Where virtues and actions were bold,
Where ladies would hold court,
And nobles would joust for sport,
Where young men would squire,
And knights fight against the dire,
A place of valor, magic, and lore,
And feasts of venison and wild boar,
A world of castles, honor, and fairs,
Of loyalty, lands and royal affairs,
Of conquests, silver, and gold,
A return to the kingdoms of old,

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