Poem #1708

Is It A Lie?

Feeling always fake,
Doing the work yet different,
Imposter syndrome.

Poem #1707

Heavy Char

Burned bridges have a serious cost,
Typically, it equates to all hope is lost,
Most of the time those bridges turn to ash,
And all opportunities to repair them are trash,
But once in a while looks can be deceiving,
And more can be done beyond grieving,
The outside stands heavy with char,
But the bones beneath intact with only a scar,
In those cases, there’s a chance to repair,
If approached with love and the utmost care,
Some bridges should have never been burned,
Hindsight is filled with lessons learned,

Poem #1706

Brown Coats

Floral bonnet swear,
You can’t take the sky from me.
Firefly got cancelled.