Hi, I’m Ryan.

I’m one of those strange people who like hanging out at their local coffee shop on the weekends. I’m easy to spot. Just look for the guy in shorts and sandals sipping tea, staring off into space and occasionally scribbling down words.

During the weekdays, I get my geek on by supporting the website of a major telecommunications company. In my free time, when there is such a thing, I’m typically reading or listening to audiobooks, jamming to ‘80s music or building LEGO bricks.

I’ll always be a tar heel at heart but these days I live in the peach state with my wife, our son and our five cats (yes, five). The beach is my happy place and I try to escape there whenever life allows. I also enjoy attending renaissance festivals, writing conferences, and sci-fi/fantasy conventions when I can.

I suppose there’s a lot more that could be said about who I am and what I enjoy but at the end of the day, I’m just another introvert in sandals writing his way through life.

Thanks for visiting,


Husband. Father. Writer. Geek. Tea drinker. AFOL. ’80s music junkie. Introvert. Percentages may vary.