A professional author Ryan is not. While he’s passionate about storytelling and crafting his next rhyme, it’s ultimately a hobby that he does in his spare time (rhyme not intentional). Writing poetry allows him to understand the world around him and to explore his thoughts and feelings, similar to how others use a journal. Writing stories, on the other hand, is about escaping that same world, going on grand adventures and having a reasonable excuse to go office supply shopping when the fancy strikes.

Work in Progress

The Collector
Short Story (Revisions)2%
Chapbook #1
Poetry (Ideation)16%
C'est La Vie
Short Story (On Submission - SOLD!)100%

Published Stories

InfectedOnce Bitten Never Die, Wicked East Press. Jessica A. Weiss, editor. November 2011.
Apocalyptic Horror (Short Story)

First GatorMuscadine Lines: A Southern Journal. Kathy Rhodes, editor. September 2011.
Southern Young Adult (Short Story)

Published Poetry

Spiral Tree – The Journey. Linda Kerr, editor. 2011.
Spiritual (Poem)

Afflatus – The Ridge Writer. Alisa Spears, editor. 2000-2001.
Nature (Poem)

Destiny – The Ridge Writer. Melody Lindsey, editor. 1999-2000.
Spiritual (Poem)

Book of All – The Ridge Writer. Melody Lindsey, editor. 1998-1999.
Romance (Poem)

Mid Autumn’s Rain – The Ridge Writer. Melody Lindsey, editor. 1998-1999.
Nature (Poem)

Ryan Lee King

Husband. Father. LEGO enthusiast. Tea drinker. Poet & Author.

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