A Drop in The Bucket (Poem)

A Drop in The Bucket

Ideas are truly a dime a dozen,
Everyone has one- and their cousin,
People fear them being stolen,
Pfft. Is your brain all swollen?
For if they do get taken so what?
It’s not like the well is shut,
Just pluck another from below,
And let’s get on with the show,
Belay your fears and have a cigar,
A drop in the bucket is all they are,

A Call for Ideas (Poem)

A Call for Ideas

I felt it best not to say a word,
Though a response bubbled and stirred,
A writing friend declared her creative well was dry,
All I could do is shake my head and sigh,
To her friends for ideas she made the call,
The response was good wishes but volume small,
I pondered replying, but of it, I thought better,
For surely if I had, it would be a scathing letter,
The fact is she’s a writer who doesn’t write,
For that reason, I have no pity for her plight,
She might occasionally journal here and there,
But her productivity is at best threadbare,
As a friend I know I shouldn’t rant,
But her writing outside journaling is frankly scant,
What reason is there for her muse to show?
When not writing is her status quo?
She proclaims that writing is important to her,
Yet her actions show she’s more like a poseur,
Bitching about a friend is a bit uncouth,
But my goodness, it’s the truth!
One day she’ll find her way back to paper and ink,
But right now, I’m not sure what to think,
Clearly, her call for ideas made me upset,
But silence is better than words I’d regret.

Burn Out (Poem)

Burn Out

Crispy with a side of bacon,
The desire to write has been taken,
My writing dreams feel crushed,
The muse all but hushed,
I’ve tried to lick my wounds and heal,
But the burn out remains ever so real,
I’ve tried to read and do other things,
But my muse is still a marionette with cut strings,
I know time and patience is what’s needed,
But I abhor creativity impeded!
I miss the feel and joy of writing,
But against me, the words keep fighting,
This burn out I’ve come to deplore,
I yearn for the day I can write once more,

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