Bad Blood (Poem)

Bad Blood

I went to donate my blood,
To my surprise, I went thud!

Who’d have thought I’d faint,
But my flesh lost its paint,

They stuck me, and I laid back,
Suddenly it all went black,

I came to with them above me,
That’s a result I didn’t foresee!

Salts were used as a refresher,
Then they took my blood pressure,

For observation, I had to stay,
Despite the fact, I felt okay,

Ugg- I fainted giving blood,
Well, that attempt was a dud.

Another Runny Nose (Poem)

Another Runny Nose

Oh, runny nose!
Must I have so many blows?
I’ve used a ton of tissue,
To battle my allergy issue,
My nose can’t take too much more,
Heaven help me, it’s sore!
I feel the pressure in my head,
Pushing with the weight of lead,
I was hoping it’d be brief,
But doesn’t look like I’ll have any relief,
It would seem my nose prefers to run,
This is its idea of fun?

Acne (Poem)


Damn! I’ve got another pimple,
You’d think skin care would be simple,
Ugg- Why is it always on my nose?
Geez- This freaking blows!

I try to keep my face oil free,
But those pimples won’t leave me be!
I think they appear out of spite,
Seriously- I think they just might,

I get these things in scores,
I have that many clogged pores?
Scrubs and soap get the same result,
Why am I cursed with acne as an adult?

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