24 Hours (Poem)

24 Hours

24 hours go so quick,
It’s gone in a tick!

24 hours goes by so fast,
Before I knew it- it’s the past!

24 hours goes in a flash,
Like it’s the 100-meter dash!

24 hours is such a short period,
Why it’s the opposite of a myriad!

24 hours goes in the blink of an eye,
Before I knew it- it said goodbye!

24 hours is way too fleeting,
It’s gone before our meeting!

24 hours- is there really need?
Why on earth this crazy speed?

A Long Slumber (Poem)

A Long Slumber

The wolf stretches from a long slumber,
Immediately plagued by thirst and hunger,
His surroundings are not as he remembers,
The fire pit filled with long-dead embers,
The forest clearing had become overgrown,
His old paths no longer were shown,
While he had slept beneath the night sky,
The years apparently had gone by,
It made no sense, but it wasn’t a dream,
The wolf wandered over to the old stream,
He peered into the waters wondering what he’d see,
His reflection was familiar but older to some degree,
He hopped across stones to the center and stood,
How this could happen wasn’t understood,
He bowed his head and drank from the river below,
He satiated his hunger on a passing doe,
Afterward, he jumped in the river for a little swim,
There he pondered what else had changed around him,
Eventually, he ventured back to his old clearing,
There was no wildlife in his range of hearing,
No squirrels, no birds, not even the hoot of an owl,
To break the silence, he let forth a long-held howl,
Something was off but on what he couldn’t lay his paw,
There wasn’t enough information for a conclusion to draw,
With his tail up and his muzzle to the forest floor,
He ventured further into the forest in hopes to learn more,

15 Years (Poem)

15 Years

Fifteen years have come and gone,
And together we’ve been through it all,
Another fifteen awaits to dawn,
Or more, as we’re in for the long hall,
We started out wide-eyed and young,
And without doubt, we made mistakes,
But we’ve climbed up rung by rung,
Together – and that’s what it takes,
Ahead there will always be trials,
For when is life ever problem free?
But with them will be laughter and smiles,
And more importantly – you and me.

20 Years (Poem)

20 Years

Look how things have changed in just 20 years,
We’ve conquered the world and with it our fears,
We’re older and hopefully a little bit more wise,
Some things were expected, others were a surprise,
In that time, technology has remarkably changed,
Friends have moved, and dreams have exchanged,
What we wanted back then is not the same now,
It’s funny, but we made it to the present somehow,
I find it interesting how things have turned out,
Not to mention all those adventures throughout,
In the end, the years have been both good and bad,
I must wonder what the next 20 years will add?

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