Computers (Poem)


Technology- friend or foe?
Today a friend, tomorrow a woe!
This, the real love-hate relationship.
Into my computer, I’d love to empty a clip!
But the computer is supposed to be our friend!
I wish the frustration would end,
Some days I love my computer,
Some days I just want to shoot her,
What a relationship I have with it,
Some days I wish I could quit,
But it’s my computer and my friend,
I guess the rules I can bend,
Before I throw you into the trees,
Work for me, please!

Communication (Poem)


How can we be so connected yet alone?
There’s the Internet, e-mail, text, and phone,
They’re accessible on every kind of display,
All of which is on every moment of the day,

How did one to one communication lose its luster?
It’s mostly now a social networking cluster,
The more instant we get the further we’re apart,
There’s no longer time to express the heart,

How can we get back to where we were?
Where we can have a real one to one transfer,
We’ve lost that personal communication style,
Did society not think that method was worthwhile?

Bugs (Poem)


Behold technology in all its glitches,
Blinking lights and faulty switches,
Bits and bytes running completely amuck,
Batteries that like to totally suck,
Bolts and screws falling off and missing,
Broken CDs and corrupt hard drives hissing,
Backups that fail,
And lost email,

Chatless Room (Poem)

Chatless Room

What once was busy with banter and chatter,
Is now quiet enough to hear rain patter,
Laughter and good conversations were the norm,
A place to shoot the breeze and brainstorm,
Where sarcasm and teasing bordered on violent,
Yet somehow, we’ve all become eerily silent,
Why did all the interactions slow and sputter?
It’s almost as if the chat room is ready to shutter,
Offline we’re ordinary humans just trying to survive,
Online we’re a collection of avatars on a cloud hard drive,
Over time the avatars become something more,
And those conversations touch us to the core,
Each of those internet strangers becomes a friend,
And for that reason, I hope the chat room doesn’t end,
Yet I cannot deny the lack of chatter these days,
I truly hope this isn’t the start of parting ways,

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