Close Your Eyes (Poem)

Close Your Eyes

Close your eyes and go to sleep.
Allow your dreams to slowly creep,

Close your eyes and lay still,
Let the dreams come as they will,

Close your eyes and say goodnight,
Don’t worry about your nightlight,

Close your eyes and dream something sweet,
Until tomorrow when we next meet,

Close your eyes and just rest,
Just stop trying to protest,

Close your eyes and go to bed,
You’ve had your book read,

Close your eyes and hit the sack,
You’ve been to the bathroom and had a snack,

Close your eyes, my son,
Today is over and done.

Cats Sleeping (Poem)

Cats Sleeping

My cats sleep in the funniest places,
Often the darkest and smallest of spaces,
A laundry basket full of clothes, fresh from the dryer,
Up into the quiet closet, they climb higher,
In cardboard boxes smaller than their build,
Amongst toys on the floor, laid out like a minefield,
Perched on kitchen cabinets and the kitchen stool,
Or even our laps when they’re already full,
On school work or left around books,
In bags or tiny little nooks,
On the couch and over dining room chairs,
Laying upside down just above the stairs,
Down at the foot of my bed,
Or worse, wrapped around my son’s head.

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