Communication (Poem)


How can we be so connected yet alone?
There’s the Internet, e-mail, text, and phone,
They’re accessible on every kind of display,
All of which is on every moment of the day,

How did one to one communication lose its luster?
It’s mostly now a social networking cluster,
The more instant we get the further we’re apart,
There’s no longer time to express the heart,

How can we get back to where we were?
Where we can have a real one to one transfer,
We’ve lost that personal communication style,
Did society not think that method was worthwhile?

15 Years (Poem)

15 Years

Fifteen years have come and gone,
And together we’ve been through it all,
Another fifteen awaits to dawn,
Or more, as we’re in for the long hall,
We started out wide-eyed and young,
And without doubt, we made mistakes,
But we’ve climbed up rung by rung,
Together – and that’s what it takes,
Ahead there will always be trials,
For when is life ever problem free?
But with them will be laughter and smiles,
And more importantly – you and me.

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