Computers (Poem)


Technology- friend or foe?
Today a friend, tomorrow a woe!
This, the real love-hate relationship.
Into my computer, I’d love to empty a clip!
But the computer is supposed to be our friend!
I wish the frustration would end,
Some days I love my computer,
Some days I just want to shoot her,
What a relationship I have with it,
Some days I wish I could quit,
But it’s my computer and my friend,
I guess the rules I can bend,
Before I throw you into the trees,
Work for me, please!

A Wolf (Poem)

A Wolf

I am the shadow of the night,
In my eyes are instinct and hungry light,
My fur is tattered, worn, and gray,
The hunt fills my soul night and day,
My mood sharper than my teeth at bare,
To avoid wound, I will find every trap and snare,
I am the creative soul and go for what I hunger,
If I must, I will go far, pillage and plunder,
My fear is that of a human, yet I attack the same,
If incident arise, I will not be at blame,
Inside of me, the hunger is life untold,
I’ll get it, even if I must be vicious, savage, or bold,
I am a wolf, in spirit and in heart,
We are the same, just a different part.

24 Hours (Poem)

24 Hours

24 hours go so quick,
It’s gone in a tick!

24 hours goes by so fast,
Before I knew it- it’s the past!

24 hours goes in a flash,
Like it’s the 100-meter dash!

24 hours is such a short period,
Why it’s the opposite of a myriad!

24 hours goes in the blink of an eye,
Before I knew it- it said goodbye!

24 hours is way too fleeting,
It’s gone before our meeting!

24 hours- is there really need?
Why on earth this crazy speed?

Face of a Child (Poem)

Face of a Child

Her image is echoed in the face of our child,
In him, I see her beauty so soft and so mild,
I can’t help but smile and shake my head,
Makes me wonder what else has been bred,
Together those two are something of a riot,
One thing is for certain neither is called quiet,
They both are very sassy but honestly sweet,
But without either, I wouldn’t be complete,
How interesting is what gets passed down,
A laugh, a pout, a smile, even a frown,
In him, I see her beauty so soft and so mild,
Her image is echoed in the face of our child,

Daily Shouts (Poem)

Daily Shouts

The morning struggle between my son and wife,
Appears to be a staple of our everyday life,
When it’s my job to get him out the house,
He gets up and dressed as quiet as a mouse,
But with my wife, he covers his head,
And believe it or not, tries to go back to bed,
This, of course, doesn’t go over well with her,
She had to constantly yell to get him to stir,
That, in turn, causes him to shout right back,
That gets her riled up where she wants to smack,
I get that he’s a teenager and that he’s rebelling,
But why, oh why, must there be so much yelling?

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