4th Observations (Poem)

4th Observations

Fireworks, gunpowder, and smoke,
Funnel cakes, candied apples, and coke,

Ferris wheels, slides and roller coasters,
Advertisements, signs, and posters,

Seniors, adults, and youths,
Stands, tents and vendor booths,

Bangs, honks, and cheers,
Tailgating, coolers, and beers,

Prankster Bunny (Poem)

Prankster Bunny

Easter fell on April Fool’s day this year,
And pranksters saw it as a new frontier,
There were Easter egg hunts without any eggs at all,
No candy apology letters from the Easter bunny making kids squall,
Easter baskets switched with empty fakes,
Grapes in foil chocolate wrappers causing double takes,
Brussel sprouts decorated to look like Ferrero Rocher,
Adults and unsuspecting kids equally falling prey,
Easter seemed to bring the pranksters out in force,
You know they did it with little or no remorse,
I swear the mischievous were in high-gear,
All because Easter fell on April Fool’s this year,

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