A Return (Poem)

A Return

A return to the kingdoms of old,
Where virtues and actions were bold,
Where ladies would hold court,
And nobles would joust for sport,
Where young men would squire,
And knights fight against the dire,
A place of valor, magic, and lore,
And feasts of venison and wild boar,
A world of castles, honor, and fairs,
Of loyalty, lands and royal affairs,
Of conquests, silver, and gold,
A return to the kingdoms of old,

Ages Past (Poem)

Ages Past

‘Twas years ago, when the pagans ruled,
When love, family, and honor was schooled,
‘Twas a time when dragons defended the earth,
When the people danced around fires with mirth,
‘Twas ages past when the old ways were lost,
Little did we understand the ultimate cost,
Now many years later we have returned,
Even though much was buried and burned,
The time of the Gods has been reborn,
Just in time within the world that’s war-torn,
Away with the bloodshed, hate and the sword,
May love, family, and honor be restored.

GA Ren Fest Day (Poem)

GA Ren Fest Day

A day exploring the Georgia Ren Fest,
The Peacock Tea Room was by far the best,
An overcast day, humid but not too hot,
Taking a step back in time certainly hit the spot,
Another world just past the festival’s front door,
Romans, pirates, Celts and a menagerie of more,
Music and merriment everywhere we walk,
Overheard laughter and accented talk,
Comical entertainment on every stage,
Pranksters and hecklers seem to be all the rage,
Mead and beer flow fast and wild,
Foods of all types but Renaissance styled,
Shops and stalls as far as the eye can see,
A fun day punctuated by a spot of good tea.

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