4th Observations (Poem)

4th Observations

Fireworks, gunpowder, and smoke,
Funnel cakes, candied apples, and coke,

Ferris wheels, slides and roller coasters,
Advertisements, signs, and posters,

Seniors, adults, and youths,
Stands, tents and vendor booths,

Bangs, honks, and cheers,
Tailgating, coolers, and beers,

Anthony Bourdain – His Next Adventure (Poem)

Anthony Bourdain – His Next Adventure

Anthony Bourdain was found dead?
What?! Is that what the news just said?
That he hung himself in his French hotel room?
Likely due to depression, a seemingly inescapable gloom,
I’m just in shock to hear the bad news,
I knew he had a thing for smoking and booze,
But I wasn’t aware of his mental health,
It goes to show depression cares not about status or wealth,
That man was a piece of work but genuine and funny,
Filled with attitude and opinions but a heart of honey,
He was a talented chef and storyteller,
His shows were award-winning and books bestseller,
It’s a shame his light has been snuffed from existence,
If only he could have reached out for assistance,
May he find the peace he never found in life,
But knowing him, it’ll start with bourbon and a chef knife,

A Good Cup (Poem)

A Good Cup

A good cup of tea,
That’s what I like to see,
There’s the expensive and the cheap,
How it’s prepared affects the taste we reap,
Metallic canisters of tea already brewed,
One look at those and you know you’re screwed,
Tea in glass pots that gets steeped for hours,
The strong taste simply overpowers,
Making tea is an art that takes years to master,
Instant teas won’t make you learn faster,
There’s a variety of types and even cold brew,
But that’s not what tea enthusiasts do,
We make our teas with dedication and care,
We strive for delicious teas, not just fair.

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