A Long Slumber (Poem)

A Long Slumber

The wolf stretches from a long slumber,
Immediately plagued by thirst and hunger,
His surroundings are not as he remembers,
The fire pit filled with long-dead embers,
The forest clearing had become overgrown,
His old paths no longer were shown,
While he had slept beneath the night sky,
The years apparently had gone by,
It made no sense, but it wasn’t a dream,
The wolf wandered over to the old stream,
He peered into the waters wondering what he’d see,
His reflection was familiar but older to some degree,
He hopped across stones to the center and stood,
How this could happen wasn’t understood,
He bowed his head and drank from the river below,
He satiated his hunger on a passing doe,
Afterward, he jumped in the river for a little swim,
There he pondered what else had changed around him,
Eventually, he ventured back to his old clearing,
There was no wildlife in his range of hearing,
No squirrels, no birds, not even the hoot of an owl,
To break the silence, he let forth a long-held howl,
Something was off but on what he couldn’t lay his paw,
There wasn’t enough information for a conclusion to draw,
With his tail up and his muzzle to the forest floor,
He ventured further into the forest in hopes to learn more,

The Frozen Well (Poem)

The Frozen Well

Around the icy bars my fingers grip,
The last thing I expected was this trip,
I had descended into the covered well,
Instead of finding the bottom, I just fell,
It continued for what seemed forever,
Long enough to question this endeavor,
Then, at last, I smacked into a sheet of ice,
My head throbbed as if it were in a vice,
Eventually, I scrambled to my wobbly feet,
And wished to hell for a source of heat,
I pulled out my light stone and squeezed,
In the darkness, it sputtered and wheezed,
Then in a burst, all became visibly clear,
It was then that I wished I had more gear,
I found myself in the depths of an ice cave,
And swore it would not be my desolate grave,
Beyond the cell bars, a passage could be seen,
What lay beyond said passage I couldn’t glean,
Icy bars clattered down as I shouldered through,
The light stone revealed the passage anew,
Down the corridor of ice, I moved with care,
At its end, I glimpsed the edge of a stair,
Before I could approach, low growls sounded,
The ground shook violently, and my heart pounded,
In all directions I spun but nothing I saw,
Save for the flash of fur and a toothy maw,
The giant beast locked its red eyes upon me,
I needed no further motivation to flee,
Back to the ice cell, I ran completely trapped,
From the floor, I plucked a bar that had snapped,
A putrid smell had filled the chamber before it did,
I went for a defensible position and but slid,
The creature bellowed and charged me head on,
At first, I thought all avenues of escape were gone,
But as it swung claws, through its legs, I slipped,
And scurried away from that crystalline crypt,
Up the stairs, I bolted in a thunderous flash,
Outside I heard it bellow and took off in a dash,
Back to the safety of my humble home I ran,
All to escape that yeti-like bogeyman,
I now understand the warnings about the well outside town,
And why they said never to dare to climb down.

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