Communication (Poem)


How can we be so connected yet alone?
There’s the Internet, e-mail, text, and phone,
They’re accessible on every kind of display,
All of which is on every moment of the day,

How did one to one communication lose its luster?
It’s mostly now a social networking cluster,
The more instant we get the further we’re apart,
There’s no longer time to express the heart,

How can we get back to where we were?
Where we can have a real one to one transfer,
We’ve lost that personal communication style,
Did society not think that method was worthwhile?

20 Years (Poem)

20 Years

Look how things have changed in just 20 years,
We’ve conquered the world and with it our fears,
We’re older and hopefully a little bit more wise,
Some things were expected, others were a surprise,
In that time, technology has remarkably changed,
Friends have moved, and dreams have exchanged,
What we wanted back then is not the same now,
It’s funny, but we made it to the present somehow,
I find it interesting how things have turned out,
Not to mention all those adventures throughout,
In the end, the years have been both good and bad,
I must wonder what the next 20 years will add?

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