Gulf Shores (Poem)

Gulf Shores

I never imagined the crystal blue-green shore,
The clarity of the water and the white sand ocean floor,
The sight is breathtaking and totally different than home,
Where the waters are darker, and there’s lots of sea foam,
The Gulf and the Atlantic are clearly two different creatures,
Each has their own unique and attractive features,
I know the Atlantic will always be home to me,
But it’s also nice to visit another kind of sea,
I can certainly see myself coming back to this place,
But as nice as it is, the Atlantic it could never replace,
I can see why so many want to call this place home,
The ocean has a knack for being in our heart as we roam,
Perhaps I would feel differently if I had grown up here,
For after all sand is sand, water is water and a pier is a pier,
I’m glad we decided to try Gulf Shores for spring break,
It’s not the Atlantic, but it was a good trip to take,
If you’ve never tried the Gulf, it’s worth the try,
Be it here or at the Atlantic, vacation time always seem to fly,

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