A Wolf (Poem)

A Wolf

I am the shadow of the night,
In my eyes are instinct and hungry light,
My fur is tattered, worn, and gray,
The hunt fills my soul night and day,
My mood sharper than my teeth at bare,
To avoid wound, I will find every trap and snare,
I am the creative soul and go for what I hunger,
If I must, I will go far, pillage and plunder,
My fear is that of a human, yet I attack the same,
If incident arise, I will not be at blame,
Inside of me, the hunger is life untold,
I’ll get it, even if I must be vicious, savage, or bold,
I am a wolf, in spirit and in heart,
We are the same, just a different part.

Cats Sleeping (Poem)

Cats Sleeping

My cats sleep in the funniest places,
Often the darkest and smallest of spaces,
A laundry basket full of clothes, fresh from the dryer,
Up into the quiet closet, they climb higher,
In cardboard boxes smaller than their build,
Amongst toys on the floor, laid out like a minefield,
Perched on kitchen cabinets and the kitchen stool,
Or even our laps when they’re already full,
On school work or left around books,
In bags or tiny little nooks,
On the couch and over dining room chairs,
Laying upside down just above the stairs,
Down at the foot of my bed,
Or worse, wrapped around my son’s head.

A Long Slumber (Poem)

A Long Slumber

The wolf stretches from a long slumber,
Immediately plagued by thirst and hunger,
His surroundings are not as he remembers,
The fire pit filled with long-dead embers,
The forest clearing had become overgrown,
His old paths no longer were shown,
While he had slept beneath the night sky,
The years apparently had gone by,
It made no sense, but it wasn’t a dream,
The wolf wandered over to the old stream,
He peered into the waters wondering what he’d see,
His reflection was familiar but older to some degree,
He hopped across stones to the center and stood,
How this could happen wasn’t understood,
He bowed his head and drank from the river below,
He satiated his hunger on a passing doe,
Afterward, he jumped in the river for a little swim,
There he pondered what else had changed around him,
Eventually, he ventured back to his old clearing,
There was no wildlife in his range of hearing,
No squirrels, no birds, not even the hoot of an owl,
To break the silence, he let forth a long-held howl,
Something was off but on what he couldn’t lay his paw,
There wasn’t enough information for a conclusion to draw,
With his tail up and his muzzle to the forest floor,
He ventured further into the forest in hopes to learn more,

Prankster Bunny (Poem)

Prankster Bunny

Easter fell on April Fool’s day this year,
And pranksters saw it as a new frontier,
There were Easter egg hunts without any eggs at all,
No candy apology letters from the Easter bunny making kids squall,
Easter baskets switched with empty fakes,
Grapes in foil chocolate wrappers causing double takes,
Brussel sprouts decorated to look like Ferrero Rocher,
Adults and unsuspecting kids equally falling prey,
Easter seemed to bring the pranksters out in force,
You know they did it with little or no remorse,
I swear the mischievous were in high-gear,
All because Easter fell on April Fool’s this year,

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