Yech (#904)

Yuck. I don’t feel so good,
Throw up? Yeah, I think I could,
Uh-oh. My stomach has started to churn and swirl,
Ugh. I think I’m going to hurl,
Well. I’d swear I was fine a few hours ago,
Now? Unholy chunks I’m about to blow,
First. I felt the initial stage of “ick,”
Then. I felt a little queasy and sick,
Surprise! In the back of my throat a little bile,
Help. I’m trying hard not to toss on the bathroom tile,
Ack. I feel sick whether I stand, or I sit,
Gross. I just threw up a little bit,
Oh boy. I think I might just go and lie down,
I better do it quickly before I moisten everything around,

Any Thoughts?

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