Writing Friends (#935)

The practice of writing is ultimately a solitary task,
Yet loneliness isn’t something in which to bask,
We seek camaraderie and moral support,
Be it in the form of a group or a single cohort,
I’m pretty sure none of us choose to be alone,
Save for when we’re in the zone,
Sometimes we don’t have the support we need,
Despite how much to the universe, we might plead,
If there’s a chance to commune with our kind,
You better bet the time we’ll try to find,
Many of us write different genres and lengths,
But we can share in our weaknesses and strengths,
That allows us to improve and power through,
To reach our goals and whatever else we do,
I can’t say if writing friends are a need or a desire,
But I could probably say both without being a liar,

Any Thoughts?

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