Writing Fiction (#1893)

Several years ago, I threw in the towel,
All my writing dreams went afoul,
Previously I trained and learned all I could,
I kept practicing until I felt I was good,
I stepped into the ring with all my doubts,
But they disappeared as I won my bouts,
I put in the time and work to get to the top,
That’s where things went full stop,
I entered the ring for the championship fight,
After a few rounds I was out like a light,
My loss stung worse than the cuts and bruises,
It’s not chance as to who wins or loses,
No, it comes down to fortitude and will,
I want to try again but I’m afraid,
How do I get past the fears that pervade?
Is it as simple as lacing gloves and stepping in?
Can it be that simple for this has-been?

Any Thoughts?

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