Writing Career Dream (#1523)

Choosing poetry over prose?
Is that truly how it all goes?
I had writing ambitions and dreams,
But they’ve unraveled at the seams,
I can’t match what other writers do,
Nor am I cut out for the social media zoo,
The speed and volume others can write is astounding,
And how they manage it is still quite confounding,
I’m slow at producing what I feasibly can,
How can I make a career out of being less than?
The publishers and agents demand I do more,
I can’t. Thus, my stories will never be in a bookstore,
I wish things were different and I could write for a living,
But alas, the publishing world is unforgiving,
It hurts deep down yet I try not to show it,
But perhaps I’m better off just being a poet.

Any Thoughts?

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