Woodland Mind (#23)

Thunder rolls in the woodlands of my mind,
Thickets of images, pools of thought, all easy to find,
The mind is a woodland with surprises untold,
This place is sacred and cannot be sold,
Woodlands with every walk of life and plant,
BEWARE! Inside lurk dragons to the tiniest ant,
One would be surprised at their mind’s own lair,
It can be dangerous and wild to the gentle and fair,
Many can’t understand their mind’s desire and thought,
Meanings and truth by the wise have forever been sought,
The woodlands should remain as they were meant,
They’ve been that way since the days of steel and flint,
One must soak in the woodland spirit to understand right,
In doing so, you can see its brilliant light,
Only then can you hear its pleasant call,
A call that echoes winter, spring, summer, and fall,
Only then can you feel its heartbeat pound,
A most relaxing and purifying sound,
To have found these is to have found peace,
That peace is the soul’s true release.

Any Thoughts?

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