Where am I? (#1468)

Has the world gone completely insane?
Or am I on some uncharted parallel plane?
World and government leaders that can’t lead,
Laws and common good undermined for greed,
Empty gas stations and the rest under assault,
Mortgage loans everywhere going into default,
Job loss and unemployment at an all-time high,
Loans for businesses turned down before they even apply,
Mismanaged budgets in every big city and every small town,
Local family run stores and manufacturing plants shut down,
Stock markets and 401ks fall and crash,
Along with it our nest eggs of retirement cash,
An endless war against an enemy with no face,
Yet our politicians’ main concern is the presidential race,
Big Oil brimming with profits and wealth,
While blue-collar can’t afford insurance for health,
What the hell kind of country is this?
Why is everything so fucking amiss?

Any Thoughts?

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