When (#1161)

When I heard you call my name,
I knew I’d never feel the same,
My heart stopped beating, deathly still,
And up my spine ran a cold chill,
My breath halted for a brief star’s twinkle,
I could almost feel cupid’s love dust sprinkle,
How’d you grab my heart like that?
I’d say it was as sneaky as a tricky cat,
Sometimes after my shock of that siege of heart,
Even though I couldn’t move, I tried to start,
That event held me silent and dazed,
And a new feeling ran inside and blazed,
I began to feel love’s effects on me,
I became lightheaded and more things I could see,
The world looked different in every way,
I thought I knew what was going on but for sure I couldn’t say,
It must be love for what else I’m unsure,
All I know is this feeling is the type to endure.

Any Thoughts?

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