What Are We Doing? (#763)

Conformity and standardization at what cost?
Don’t we realize cultures and languages are being lost?
America was once known as the giant melting pot,
Yet now all our diversity is in a state of decay and rot,
It’s not just America that has been infected,
Everywhere the old ways are being swallowed and neglected,
How can we just sit back and let this unfold?
Why do we all want to fit into some perfect mold?
We can’t lose where we come from or who we are,
We can’t lose the culture and traditions that got us this far,
Our commitments to preserving the old ways need renewing,
To ourselves what are we really doing?
The old and young need a real knowledge exchange,
Our attitudes need to change,
Our traditions are something we should protect and embrace,
Before it’s too late and there’s no remaining trace,
If we keep this up our traditions and culture won’t last,
Try to remember we can’t get to a future without a past.

Any Thoughts?

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