Weight Loss Loss (#1508)

I’m at a loss as to what to do about my weight,
Being super obese cannot be my predetermined fate,
Yet I only seem to get bigger and bigger as time turns,
And the shame of it all just burns and burns,
Calorie counting only does so much for me,
And the gym doesn’t get the fat off from what I can see,
So, what’s the key to losing all my burdensome fat?
A million-dollar reward to whom can answer that,
How do I break the emotional ties to all these foods?
How else do I deal with all the emotions and moods?
Is it possible to write myself thin?
God wouldn’t that be an amazing win!
I’ve heard of such things before, but do they work?
Every diet and lifestyle change have its own unique quirk,
I need something I can stick to and see progress too,
But whatever diet or lifestyle that is I haven’t a clue,
There has to be something I’m missing that I don’t see,
To sustained weight loss, what’s the magic key?

Any Thoughts?

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