Web Design (#779)

Making a web page looks easy and fun,
Wait till you’re struggling to get it done,
Your opinion will fade as time passes along,
You’ll find if it’s not perfect it’s wrong,
Crappy websites are everywhere on net,
Yours will not be that way I’d wager a bet,
Uninteresting content and a horrible design,
Say it with me – “that will not be mine!”,
Maybe they’re not horrible, but they do need work,
Around every corner HTML atrocities lurk,
At least that’s how I feel about my stuff,
Web pages are easy making then good is tough,
On the net, there’s a distinct lack of quality pages,
Often abandoned in various construction stages,
Others an ad covered collage of neglect,
Their webmasters don’t really care I suspect,
Once a website was a status symbol but no more,
Webmasters have lost the zeal they had before,
I can’t be like the webmaster masses,
I can’t just throw crap up and say it passes.

Any Thoughts?

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