Water Covered Laptop (#1729)

She didn’t mean to crash into the cup,
But when water poured onto my laptop, I shot up,
Not to skin my little kitten but to save my device,
I dried it off quickly and sought some advice,
I followed the instructions for cases such as this,
Knowing the results would be ultimately hit or miss,
I placed it upside down and on towels to further dry,
To see if it still functioned, I didn’t dare try,
I routinely replaced the towels every few hours,
Until 24 hours later when I attempted to see if it powers,
Fingers and toes crossed, I hit the button and held my breath,
It powered, but that didn’t mean it was free from death,
I checked meticulously every key, function, and port,
Miraculously a technical disaster I was able to thwart,
Blood returned to my face, and my sanity revived,
I thank my lucky stars that my laptop survived,

Any Thoughts?

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