Waiting for My Neo (#983)

I sit looking out the window
Wondering when my neo would arrive,
Somewhere out there I know
It’s on its 500-mile drive,
Every few minutes I check
To see where my little neo is at,
It must be an obsession
Cause I know, I shouldn’t do that,
The wait is something awful
But there’s nothing I can do,
I would imagine with every owner
It’s a wait we all must go through,
Across the country I see it moving
But far too slow for my taste,
With all our modern ways
Couldn’t it gain a little more haste?
Meanwhile in the mundane
I sit uncomfortably waiting,
In my daily routine
I’m constantly anticipating,
My excitement grows
When I see that it’s near,
My little neo
When will you be here?
By the time I get home
The delivery time has passed,
I open the front door
And it’s here- at last!

Any Thoughts?

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