Upon My Lips (#934)

With her legs spread wanting and wide,
I couldn’t help but bury my tongue deep inside,

Maybe it was the heat from her moist thighs,
Maybe it was the grip of her pleased sighs,

But at the very first taste,
I knew never a drop would go to waste,

Upon tasting her folds, I was intoxicated by her scent,
With abandon, I went at her with greater intent,

Her head tilted back savoring the bliss,
While to her sex I continued to lick and kiss,

Such a feeling to have her flesh upon my lips,
Her juices down my chin, my hands upon her hips,

Overload to the five senses was taking its toll,
Before I knew it, I had lost all control,

Down to me, she smiled,
Knowing full well how she’d driven me wild.

Any Thoughts?

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