Unhappy Pills (#756)

I hate to see her in this emotional turmoil,
Her stability is as thin as aluminum foil,
Sadly, her meds sent her off-kilter,
Now emotions burst forth without a filter,
Anxiety and emotions seem to constantly stir,
I wish there was something I could do to help her,
I know she can’t stand being like this,
Finding meds that work would bring her bliss,
Until she can see her doctor, she must do her best,
I know that waiting puts her patience to the test,
All she wants is to yet again find an even keel,
And for her, sooner than later would be ideal,
I hate seeing her trapped in this waking nightmare,
All I can do for her is just love her and be there,
I pray that simple act is enough,
And that we can eventually get through this stuff.

Any Thoughts?

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