Ugg (#725)

My confidence isn’t ironclad,
In all honesty, it’s downright sad,
I question it every step of the way,
Will my writing be good one day?
In myself, I know I should believe,
But easier said than to achieve,
How do I get my confidence to grow?
Hell, if I happen to know,
What’s my writing’s true intent?
What does it all represent?
Should it matter if it’s only crap?
Should it matter if it brings a nap?
Be it a hobby or something more,
It certainly does call to my core,
I question if that’s enough,
When my writing is so rough,
I’ve heard it needs only a polish,
They meant a good demolish,
I can’t find a magical fix,
There are certainly no hidden tricks,
Alas, to my utter dismay,
Practice, they say, is the only way.

Any Thoughts?

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