Tybee 2010 (#979)

Ah, the beach,
Finally, in reach!
Low tide in the marshland,
In the distance waves and sand,
In the air the smell of salt,
Into the ocean, I’m ready to vault,
A quick check-in then off to play,
Wow, what beautiful day,
Seashell hunting at its best,
Waves crashing at their crest,
Seagulls squawk and soar,
People walking along the shore,
My son and I enjoying a swim,
The ocean moving us at its whim,
Sunscreen on hands and backs,
Finally, ample time to relax,
Freedom from everyday hassles,
Work is merely building sandcastles,
An afternoon dolphin tour by boat,
Pelicans that effortlessly float,
Tasty, boiled Georgia shrimp,
On the portions, they didn’t skimp,
Despite time seeming to zip,
It was a lovely little trip,

Any Thoughts?

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