Two Weeks (#1035)

It took two whole weeks to respond?
It never takes her that long to correspond,

I’m sure my words held some bite,
But it took two weeks to even unite?

I’d have understood if she needed time to digest,
But she never so much as made the request,

Instead, it’s been radio silence until now,
And she feels that’s okay somehow?

I reached out not once but twice,
A simple acknowledgment would have been nice,

Her eventual reply was to ask me to call,
After all this, I’m more inclined to stonewall,

My demands for boundaries likely made her mad,
But I was honestly trying to salvage what we had,

Our relationship had become her toxic dump,
A place to vent her anger, her negativity, and grump,

Against it all, I took a hopeful stand,
But her reply never came as planned,

Now after all this time she wants to talk,
At this point, I’m more inclined to walk,

Any Thoughts?

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