Twenty-Nine (#901)

How the hell did I just turn 29?
That was supposed to be years down the line,
So much has happened in the last decade,
Looking back the memories just cascade,
I found a wife, had a child, and purchased a home,
Achieved a real job and around the world, I’ve gotten to roam,
I managed to write lots of poetry and a book,
I’ve matured and gained a new outlook,
I’ve lost and made new friends,
With old ties, I’ve even been able to make amends,
There have been bumps along the way,
But where there’s tomorrow there’s a new day,
Some goals were easy other required sweat and tears,
But I think I’ve been rather successful in the last ten years,
People say from this point life goes downhill,
But just yet I don’t think it will.

Any Thoughts?

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