Trust in Technology (#468)

To trust in technology is foolish at best,
Even in a world that is technology obsessed,
As useful as technology can be,
It is most certainly not problem free,

Despite how they’ve been made or programmed to act,
At the end of the day, you never know how they’ll react,
Greater reliance on technology seems to be our fate,
But sometimes I wonder if it’s there just to frustrate,

All this coming from a techy kind of guy,
When it comes to technology, I’m far from shy,
In a lot of ways, technology improves our quality of life,
But sometimes I question if it’s worth all the strife,

As much as technology brings us together, it pushes us apart,
And yet in our lives technology has become an integral part,
Technology often is the bringer of discord and heartache,
From all this tech, wouldn’t life be better if we took a break?

Any Thoughts?

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