Trump in Review (#1762)

Trump’s term in office hasn’t been great,
He’s divided the country and sown such hate,
His narcissism is hardly hidden underneath,
That man can’t stop lying through his teeth,
If someone criticizes him, he goes on the attack,
And looks for any opportunity to get payback,
Trump only cares about the man in the mirror,
Every day that sad fact becomes clearer and clearer,
He focuses on reversing achievements of the past,
His every tweet seems geared to flabbergast,
The Republican party has been changed forever,
He corrupts their every self-serving endeavor,
With him everything is always fake news,
Unless it fits into his current warped views,
Propaganda is spread by Fox News and his minions,
Slowly but surely, they’ve changed the masses’ opinions,
I don’t understand his supporters’ fervent zeal,
But I can’t deny that their unrelenting support is real,
He’s just a glorified salesman peddling snake oil,
Causing all sorts of social unrest and turmoil,
He’s given our country’s reputation a black eye,
How is half of America behind this guy?

Any Thoughts?

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