Trick or Treat (#1477)

Halloween is coming awfully fast,
Why can’t the month of October last?
October is my favorite month of the year,
It’s filled with black cats, pumpkins, and fear,
All things spooky and magical are about,
It’s the one time of the year to let what’s inside out,
The dark and macabre are fully embraced,
There are all kinds of fall treats and candies to taste,
The music playing are things like Thriller and Monster Mash,
Costumes abound and Halloween decorations flash,
Movies like Halloweentown and The Addams Family play,
Leaves and acorns adorn every inch of the driveway,
Mornings and evenings carry a chilly bite,
The whole month is bathed in Halloween light,
But with all the treats comes the trick,
Every October seems to go by quick!

Any Thoughts?

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