Toys R Us (#1503)

After 40 years of being a toy destination for kids,
They’re closing all stores- a kick the ribs,
They’ve been around longer than I’ve been alive,
We all hoped they could restructure and revive,
But the albatross of debt couldn’t be tackled,
Online shopping, and changing tastes left them shackled,
They never made the changes needed for them to survive,
And as such it just made their business nosedive,
I have plenty of memories of those huge toy stores,
The towering shelves you see walking through the doors,
Bicycles, LEGO bricks, remote control cars and more,
Just so many awesome toys by the score,
As a kid, I loved to visit and pick out a toy,
I remember the smells, the sights, and the joy,
Even as an adult, I took my own child there,
And through the aisles, he loved to tear,
Playing at the Thomas the Tank Engine table for hours on end,
Being able to take him to Toys R Us was a godsend,
It allowed us to figure out what Santa needed to get,
So many memories, ones I’ll never forget,
It’s sad to say goodbye to Geoffrey the Giraffe,
It almost feels we should put the flag at half-staff.

Any Thoughts?

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