Together, At Night, At Day (#790)

An evening spent together,
Everything was normal even the weather,
But we were together tonight,
That made it special and right,
With just the touch of her hand,
I’m pushed out to la-la land,
Just one little simple night,
Brings me such enormous delight,
A night to remember but a simple night still,
Complete satisfaction of my heart’s loving will,

Together we spent the day,
Everything was right in every way,
And we spent it with one another,
And that made it more special than any other,
Enjoyment of today may take over as it may,
But today was the best anyone could ask of a day,
A day to remember that’s for sure,
A day with her is the bad day’s cure,
It was great, what else could I say,
All because it was just one day.

Any Thoughts?

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