Tidal Wave of Work (#678)

Everywhere I look, I find myself surrounded,
I’ve got a strong feeling I’m about to get pounded,
Everything is coming like a giant tidal wave,
All I can do is try to remain steadfast and brave,
But I’m beginning to doubt the length of my last,
Over me, I feel the wave’s shadow being cast,
Inside I feel my nerves are in a bubbling simmer,
As for hope I’ll survive, I’ve lost all glimmer,
If I’m going to make it, I must keep up the fight,
My teeth gritted, and my fists clenched tight,
I won’t lie and say I’m not scared to death,
Because let me tell you I feel fear in every breath,
It is a job from which there’s no way to flee,
Even so, I know I can’t let it get the best of me,
It may not be the best of jobs, but it’s one I must do,
On Monday mornings, I especially wish it weren’t true,
When I see the shadow of the tidal wave all around,
It’s hard to work and keep my head down,
The sharks are everywhere waiting for me to fail,
But they’ve got a surprise coming – I shall prevail,
To be honest, I’m not exactly sure how I will,
Perhaps with a bit of luck, organization, and skill,
I’ll try to stay positive and swallow my rising fear,
I’ll try to work my hardest and hope the end is near.

Any Thoughts?

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