Ticking Time (#624)

Watching the clock through the day,
While I’m miles and miles away,
I’ve got the click of the clock,
The rhythm of the tick-tick-tock,
Time is counting down to the end,
Time with you I can’t wait to spend,
I’m dreaming the seconds away,
While my patience starts to fray,
My love does not fret or fear,
I’ll be home soon to hold you near,
I too count down the days till I return,
And it’s for you that I desperately yearn,
To see your caring smile and loving eyes,
For which I will travel through the skies,
Time doesn’t pass as quickly as I hope,
Not sure how much longer I can cope,
Hearing your voice gets me through,
Till the time I get to be with you,
My thoughts tend to focus your way,
I miss you, what more can I say?

Any Thoughts?

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