Through the Black (#165)

The hallway of echoing blackness and cold,
Only bleakness dances within this fold,
Feeling it, but I cannot hear my heart pound,
Nor around me is there any sound,
Gravity holds me firmly down,
Hopelessness and insanity are my jeweled crown,
The walls are rigid and made of thorn,
My flesh is cut- ripping- torn,
There is no door for me to escape,
Pressures want to steal my faith by rape,
The floor shakes and rattles beneath me,
Light breaks through, but I cannot see,
Blindness engulfs my eyes, yet I look,
Soon sight with colors bubble and cook,
A white glow takes me from the floor,
The glow touches me inside I am sure,
A voice echoes gently but solid in the hallway,
The name of who saves me I heard it say,

Any Thoughts?

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