Those That Don’t Vote (#885)

Those that choose not to vote I don’t understand,
It’s our civic duty across this great land,
Yet they choose not to have a choice,
They choose not to use their voice,
I get faith in our government is lost,
But refusing to vote has its cost,
I get they’re disillusioned with the process in place,
But why let others decide who wins the presidential race?
I get that they feel one vote has no sway,
But one can never say when one vote may,
I get our country has lots of issues it must face,
But if we work together, it’ll have a solid base,
I get they feel the government is crooks and cheats,
But it doesn’t have to be if we vote them out of their seats,
I get they dislike the candidates we have for selection,
But that’s all who ran for election,
If they could do better, why don’t they run?
It would be better than their traditional shun,
We must choose who we think would be best,
And NOT leave it up to the rest,
It’s a privilege more so than a right,
So, what’s with the scoff and slight?

Any Thoughts?

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