Thinking Back (#572)

Going to the Philippines was my first overseas trip,
14 hours on a non-stop flight would make anyone flip,
Our non-stop ended in Hong Kong but only for 3 hours,
We managed to eat and stretch our legs but sadly no showers,
We landed in Manila after a small 2-hour flight,
The airplane doors opened into the night,
A heavy wall of humidity hit as I’ve never felt,
In mere seconds we appeared to melt,
Through the terminal and immigration, we went,
Between the trip and the humidity, we were all but spent,
We got our bags and headed out to meet our driver,
The humidity was so thick I thought I was an oceanic diver,
We had to wait a few minutes for our ride,
Thank God, the vans had air condition inside!
Manila’s humidity is about the worst I’ve had to combat,
But trust me not all the Philippines is like that,
In fact, the Philippines has many amazing places,
Not to mention interesting foods and smiling faces,
Despite the humidity, the Philippines I’d recommend,
You’ll enjoy yourself no matter how long you spend.

Any Thoughts?

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