These Dreams (#654)

I wake up still seeing your lovely face,
That is something the daylight simply cannot erase,

I dream of you every sleeping chance,
Behold my aspirations of romance,

Dreams are the only place where we can touch,
Oh, what a pleasure to dream of such,

Always will I keep you close and dear,
Yet so long since I’ve had you near,

To fall asleep is to dream so sweet,
Oh, to dream of you is the wildest treat,

I look forward to seeing you at night,
There in my dreams is such a wonderful sight,

I feel my heart begin to pound,
Because in dreams I know you’re around,

I hate that so long we’ve been apart,
but no matter what I hold you in my heart,

There’s nothing else I know to do,
I know simply this – I love you.

Any Thoughts?

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