Theater of Love (#347)

The house is dark, and the seats fill,
The rumbles of all the onlookers are real,
The actors are no actors for this play,
None of them know lines or what to say,
This, the theater of love, has now a bevy,
And the time to get underway is heavy,
The curtain rises, everything is ready and done,
The lights come up, Act 1,
The actors come, the story’s just begun,
Something happens, Act 2,
The actors smile, the feeling of love is new,
Love grips them, Act 3,
Hand in hand, they knew it was meant to be,
Together at last, Act 4,
Happiness and love, they feel for each as never before,
A promise, Act 5,
A decision is made, into marriage, they dive,
Friends agree, Act 6,
Completely happy, friends say an unlikely mix,
The curtain falls, and the lights go dark on stage,
Now it’s up to them to choose the next page,
The rumble goes down as all the onlookers leave,
The seats empty, the house is dark in the eve.

Any Thoughts?

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