The Taste of Passion (#622)

So tonight, I heard the sound,
The guitar strum and the drum pound,
The sound of song when an angel sings,
The strike of the drum and the guitar strings,
This evening Blue Fire ignited the house,
Passions of voice none would douse,
New and old friendships surrounded by song,
Rhythm and beat just as strong,
The air filled with good times and cheer,
Wonderful music and the ice-cold beer,
To see her sing and the evening unfurled,
I would not have missed it for the world,
Such a privilege and such a special treat,
The evening was short but nonetheless sweet,
Oh, how wondrous to be in attendance tonight,
To be invited to see such an artistic sight,
For now, I have heard what an angel sings,
And all the delights from which it brings.

Any Thoughts?

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