The Frozen Well (#1354)

Around the icy bars my fingers grip,
The last thing I expected was this trip,
I had descended into the covered well,
Instead of finding the bottom, I just fell,
It continued for what seemed forever,
Long enough to question this endeavor,
Then, at last, I smacked into a sheet of ice,
My head throbbed as if it were in a vice,
Eventually, I scrambled to my wobbly feet,
And wished to hell for a source of heat,
I pulled out my light stone and squeezed,
In the darkness, it sputtered and wheezed,
Then in a burst, all became visibly clear,
It was then that I wished I had more gear,
I found myself in the depths of an ice cave,
And swore it would not be my desolate grave,
Beyond the cell bars, a passage could be seen,
What lay beyond said passage I couldn’t glean,
Icy bars clattered down as I shouldered through,
The light stone revealed the passage anew,
Down the corridor of ice, I moved with care,
At its end, I glimpsed the edge of a stair,
Before I could approach, low growls sounded,
The ground shook violently, and my heart pounded,
In all directions I spun but nothing I saw,
Save for the flash of fur and a toothy maw,
The giant beast locked its red eyes upon me,
I needed no further motivation to flee,
Back to the ice cell, I ran completely trapped,
From the floor, I plucked a bar that had snapped,
A putrid smell had filled the chamber before it did,
I went for a defensible position and but slid,
The creature bellowed and charged me head on,
At first, I thought all avenues of escape were gone,
But as it swung claws, through its legs, I slipped,
And scurried away from that crystalline crypt,
Up the stairs, I bolted in a thunderous flash,
Outside I heard it bellow and took off in a dash,
Back to the safety of my humble home I ran,
All to escape that yeti-like bogeyman,
I now understand the warnings about the well outside town,
And why they said never to dare to climb down.

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