The End (#806)

It’s so hard to throw in the towel and walk away,
But my nerves are well past the point of fray,

I’ve worked and reworked this WIP to death,
It’s taken its final rasping breath,

The WIP needs another full rewrite,
But frankly, I’m all out of fight,

At this point, I’m so sick of this story,
Any further work on it would be purgatory,

After more than 5 years of slaving on this WIP,
All I have to show for it is tears and a busted lip,

I gave everything I had, and it wasn’t good enough,
To tell this story, my skills aren’t yet up to snuff,

After dozens of hard-fought drafts and revisions,
Comes the hardest of all writer decisions,

What fire remained for this WIP is now ash,
Cold coals tossed out like week old trash,

A cannot say what the far future might hold,
But for now, the WIP goes into the trunk, unsold.

Any Thoughts?

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