The Birthday Blues (#997)

Here you are another year older,
And treat your birthday progressively colder,
You complain about your increasing age,
It’s not the end; it’s simply another page,
Worry about age you shouldn’t never,
For you look just as beautiful as ever,
How can you be old when you’re growing?
Let’s leave “old” for the all-knowing,
Your life should be celebrated and filled with joy,
Like a child who received their most wanted toy,
It’s not your age you feel but your emotions worn,
No matter how you feel, I’m glad you were born,
I’m blessed with the moments we share,
I cherish them and hold them close with care,
I look forward to the years ahead with pride,
I know I’ll be happy because you’re at my side,
So, don’t let birthdays become glum,
Birthdays are the promise of happiness to come.

Any Thoughts?

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